Residual moisture detector in the material



Inline device device used to measure the amount of residual moisture in tops or staple fibres, whether natural or man -made, with automatic adjustment. Measures can be taken in 1 to 4 independent points.


  • Measurement of the residual moisture content in the material, fibre selection (nr. 15 pure fibres + nr. 42 mixed fibres), wide moisture measurement range (e.g. Cotton 0.8% - 23,3%; wool 4.5% - 46.5%)
  • Automatic drying cylinder speed or temperature adjustment based on requested and measured values of residual moisture
  • via the following outputs:
    - Speed adjustment:
    > 2 dry contacts (relay +/-) or optionally
    > 1 analogue output (0 - 10V)
    - Temperature adjustment (*):
    > 1 analogue output (0 - 4/20mA) (* modulating valve not included)
  • All set parameters and the relevant values are recorded (residual moisture and speed can be charted)
  • Data can be downloaded via a USB port or through an Ethernet connection
  • Remote support (LAN access via a VPN)


  • Production quality is constantly monitored (no reprocessing required)
  • Production optimization
  • The system will store the sequence of treatments and their parameters
  • Easy to use (all machine operators shall work in the same way)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Energy saving
  • Automated processing management becomes possible
  • Only requires minimal routine maintenance


Backwashing machines/Superwash machines, tops processing, continuous washing machines for wool, loose fibre processing, cylinder dryers, dryers in general.

Download the data sheet

Download the data sheet: