and accessories



Automatic labeller marks defects, for selvedge application, completed of pushbuttons.


Adhesive labels automatic applicator through electrictire piston, suit of thermal printer on normal paper

Contact seams survey

Contact equipment for seam survey, completed of sensor with nylon ring, cable of connecion and regulation stirrup.

No contact seams survey

No contact equipment for seams survey, completed of sensor and electronic cable and assembly hinge.

Width control

Single width bar for continuous width fabric control, equipped of micro-controller for data vsualization.

Electrostatic bars

Device for electrostatic current dissipation, both positive and negative on production material, shockproof and explosion-proof type.


Metaldetector device for electronic survey of magnetic and not magnetic metals.

Video cameras

Professional closed circuit video cameras, for distance control exited machine or face front design

Display recorder

Microprocessor display recorder for visualization, memorisation and elaboration of measured data

Meters counter sensors

Mono/bi-directional encoder (1 pulse each mm.) and metric wheel for meters and speed fabric survey, completed of adipren metric whell.

Meters counter

Meter counter equipments, impulses, timers with or without digital pre-selection

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor for the survey on brightness superficial and chromium plated in motion or in spin


Our technology allows your Company to acheive the following objectives:

- Objectives

Energy saving

Reduction in water consumption

Emission reduction

Reduction of goods discards

Faster data handling

Set up time reduction


Increased levels of automation, less human intervention

Optimization of the manufacturing process