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In order to maintain high quality standards ETV devotes painstaking care to all production stages. Under the supervision of highly qualified specialists, in our laboratories we develop automated electronic devices (including the relevant software) for the following applications:

  • Measurement of the residual moisture in fabrics, yarns or paper for stenters, warp sizing machines, dryers;
  • Measurement of absolute air humidity for dryers and chimneys;
  • Measurement of the temperature within the fabric;
  • Measurement of the residual moisture wuthin the product (a portable device);
  • Monitoring the elongation and shrinkage—or of the height—of the product;
  • Process, management and production monitoring by means of specially designed software;
  • Meter counters, impulse counters, picks counters, induction or optical shuttle guards, antistatic bars;
  • Bespoke automation solutions on demand.

In addition to meter counters, pulse counters, induction or optical yarn counters, and antistatic bars, ETV is always ready to produce automation on request.


The scope of our production

Manufacturers of textile machinery • Spinning mills

Cone winding

Weaving mills

Dyeworks and printworks • Finishing

Fabric control

Paper mills in general